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July 21, 2007
Garden Pictures/August 2008

July 21, 2007
Ireland and France Trip May/June 2007

October 24, 2005
Photos Taken August 26, 2006, Duvall, WA (my place)

October 24, 2005
Pictures Taken at 7am at My Place in Duvall, WA

October 24, 2005
Boston July 2005

July 21, 2005
Anita's Photos from Boston

March 15, 2005
Photos from Auntie Mary's Albums

November 29, 2004
Race Photos by Bill Kistler

September 27, 2004
Road America 2004

New! September 27, 2004
Marshfield Beach Photos 2004 #1

New! September 27, 2004
Marshfield Beach Photos 2004 #2

New! September 27, 2004
Racing Pictures from Road America and Road Atlanta 2004
Photographer: Joni Potekhen

New! September 18, 2004
Top of the World Ranch Photos

Formula Mazda Test in Buttonwillow

New! September 18, 2004
Alaska Cruise Photos

Formula Mazda Test in Buttonwillow

May 9, 2004
Canyon Ranch, Tucson

May 6, 2004
Visit with Stacie in LA

May 6, 2004
Storm in Seattle

Alaska Photos, August 2000

ALMS Photos 2003

Camelback Hike

Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal, June 2000

Carol's New Puppy

Carol's New Puppy after a Week

Carol's Remodeling

Carol's Remodeling and Kodiak

Christmas and Hawaii 2000

Christmas at Rita Mienscow's

Colin Pix

Dinner at Rover's

Dinner at Calabria's

Dinner at Duke's on Lake Union

Dwyer Farm, Marshfield, MA

Elaine Swanton's Wedding
Photos of my cousin, Elaine Swanton's wedding. Her father was my uncle, Robert (Bobby) Swanton, who passed away suddenly in Avon,MA, on October 27, 2001.

Nohl and Vafa's Engagement Announcement

Family Photos
This section contains photos of my family, including my g-grandfather, Robert Swanton and his wife, Rosanna Hanlon Swanton. There are also photos of Alice and William Corbett, and Patrick, Michael, and John Swanton (sons of Ellen Ahern Swanton and James Swanton).

Family Photos
More family photos, including my great-grandmother, my grandmother as a young girl in Russia and Boston, my parents when they were babies, and me when I was very young.

Halloween 1999
The Geisha meets the Samurai Warrior

Halloween 2000

June 12, 2001
Hlinsko, Czech Republic

June 12, 2001

Holy Well in Killowen, County Cork

Ireland Photos from 1998 Trip

June 8, 2001
Ireland Photos from April 2001 Trip

Jacobucci Family Album
The family of my friends John and Mary Jay (Jacobucci).

June 12, 2001
London 2001

Lunch with Auntie Mary, August 1999
Celebrating Mary Swanton Pinkham's 94rd birthday.

Las Vegas 2000

Lunch with Auntie Mary, August 2000
Celebrating Mary Swanton Pinkham's 95th birthday

Mother's Day Hike 2000

New Year's Eve 2000

Phoenix International Raceway, February 2000

Photos from April 2000

Pictures from Home for Stacie in London

June 12, 2001
Prague, Czech Republic


Sear's Point 2000

Sheet Music Covers

June 12, 2001
Southern France

Stacie's 20th Birthday Dinner
Celebrating my daughter's 20th birthday.

Stacie and Friends

June 12, 2001
Swantons in Enfield, England

Russian Documents
My great-grandfather, Gleb Mienscow's, naturalization papers and other information.

Revenge of the Eems
Don't ask :)

Rover's February 15, 2001

Willow Springs, Lake Washington, Blue Heron and Eagles