Gleb Mienscow Army Discharge Papers_thumb.jpg 2.1K
Gleb Mienscow Army Discharge Papers.jpg

Gleb Mienscow Certificate of Naturalization_thumb.jpg 3.4K
Gleb Mienscow Certificate of Naturalization.jpg

Gleb Mienscow Declaration of Intent_thumb.jpg 2.4K
Gleb Mienscow Declaration of Intent.jpg

Gleb Mienscow Petition for Naturalization_thumb.jpg 1.8K
Gleb Mienscow Petition for Naturalization.jpg

Handwritten note_thumb.jpg 1.8K
Handwritten note.jpg

Ksenia  Application for Naturalization_thumb.jpg 2.2K
Ksenia Application for Naturalization.jpg

Ksenia  Application for Naturalization1_thumb.jpg 2.2K
Ksenia Application for Naturalization1.jpg

Ksenia  Haller Application for Naturalization2_thumb.jpg 2.0K
Ksenia Haller Application for Naturalization2.jpg

Ksenia Haller Birth Certificate 2_thumb.jpg 2.1K
Ksenia Haller Birth Certificate 2.jpg

Ksenia Haller Birth Certificate_thumb.jpg 2.8K
Ksenia Haller Birth Certificate.jpg

Ksenia Haller Letter from Naturalization Service_thumb.jpg 1.9K
Ksenia Haller Letter from Naturalization Service.jpg

Ksenia Haller's Death Certificate_thumb.jpg 2.6K
Ksenia Haller's Death Certificate.jpg

Russian Names_thumb.jpg 2.4K
Russian Names.jpg