Counter in Pink elephant_thumb.jpg 2.8K
Counter in Pink elephant.jpg

Dinner at Pink Elephant2_thumb.jpg 2.6K
Dinner at Pink Elephant2.jpg

Dinner at the Pink Elephant_thumb.jpg 2.6K
Dinner at the Pink Elephant.jpg

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Father McCarthy and Tommy Bradfield_thumb.jpg 2.4K
Father McCarthy and Tommy Bradfield.jpg

Maura Bradfield and Maura Murray_thumb.jpg 2.8K
Maura Bradfield and Maura Murray.jpg

Paddy Murray and Catriona Bradfield_thumb.jpg 2.9K
Paddy Murray and Catriona Bradfield.jpg

Willie and tommy Bradfield_thumb.jpg 2.4K
Willie and tommy Bradfield.jpg

father McCarthy_thumb.jpg 2.4K
father McCarthy.jpg