By the Bridge

The Swantons of County Cork,
Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY

by Ginni Swanton

Table of Contents


From England to Ireland

Protestants and Catholics

1. John and Anne Swanton

2. Pat (Cate) Swanton

2. George Swanton

2. John Swanton and Ellen Donovan

3. Timothy Swanton

2. William Swanton and Julia Lyons

3. Ann Swanton and James Mullen

3. Daniel Swanton

3. John Swanton

3. William Swanton

3. George Swanton

2. First Marriage: James Swanton and Catherine Carty

3. George Swanton and Margaret Hurley Dorne

4. Anne Swanton and James Murray

4. Mary Anne Swanton and William Scanlon

4. George Swanton and Ellen Burke

3. John Swanton and Bridget Mahony

3. George Swanton and Ellen Sweeney

4. Catherine Swanton

3. Johanna Swanton and Cornelius McCarty

3. Catherine Swanton

3. Ellen (Nell) Swanton

2. Second Marriage: James Swanton and Catherine Regan Reily

3. James Stevens Swanton and Mary Abbie Kingsley

2. Michael Swanton and Elizabeth (Bessie) Bradfield

3. John Joseph Swanton and Mary Theresa McCarthy

4. Michael Swanton

4. John Joseph Swanton

4. James P. Swanton

4. Elizabeth F. Swanton and John A. Boyd/ Bryant V. Stone

4. Katherine E. Swanton and Patrick J. Finan

4. Mary Ellen Swanton and Charles L. Bradley

4. Johanna Swanton and Frederick G. Henderson

4. Daniel Swanton

4. Anne Mary Swanton

3. Anne Mary Swanton

3. Michael Swanton and Jane McCarthy

4. Mary Anne Swanton and Vincent Benjamin Smithwick

5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Swanton and Mr. Galvin

5. Mary Swanton

5. Michael Swanton

5. George Swanton

5. John Swanton

5. Gen Swanton and Mr. Moger

5. James Swanton

4. Michael Swanton and Mary Murphy

5. Robert Swanton

5. James Swanton

5. Jane Veronica Swanton and Charles Boudreau

5. Edward John Swanton and Helen Catherine Russell

5. Catherine Swanton and Frederick Zander

5. Mary Swanton and Walter Klunk

5. Anna Swanton and Frank Perz

5. George J. Swanton and Leonora Frances Taylor

5. Michael Swanton and Rita

4. George Swanton

4. Jane Swanton

4. James Swanton

3. Johanna Swanton

3. Ellen Theresa Swanton and Michael Cleary

4. Elizabeth Anne Cleary and Frances Michael Lenihan

4. 4. Margaret Cleary

4. William P. Cleary

4. John M. Cleary

4. Mark J. Cleary and Hattie

4. George Cleary

3. William Swanton and Ann O'Neill

3. Martha Swanton and Michael Crowley

4. Mary V. Crowley and John H. Lane

4. Elizabeth Crowley

4. Mary Cleary

4. Martha Crowley and Mr. Casey

4. Katherine (Kitty) Crowley and Arthur Brousseau

4. John Crowley

4. Robert Crowley and Helen Wittel

4. William Crowley

4. Leo D. Crowley

3. James Swanton and Ellen Ahern

4. Michael Swanton and Mary McCauley

4. William Swanton and Elizabeth Gaffney

4. James Swanton

4. Robert Swanton

4. Michael Elizabeth Swanton

4. George Swanton

4. Patrick Francis Swanton and Margaret Mary Mogan

3. Robert Swanton and Rosanna Hanlon

5. George Swanton

5. William Anthony Swanton and Marion Louise Cross/Marion Louise Connelley

5. Robert Swanton and Rose Davis

5. Rosanna Agnes Swanton

5. Mary Margaret Swanton and Palmer Pinkham

5. Elizabeth Camilla Swanton and Kenneth Geerer