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Estate of William Swanton

Born March 1855, Boulteen, County Cork, Ireland
Died June 15, 1929, Seaview, Lislevane, County Cork, Ireland

Scanned Copies of William's Will and Probate Documents

Synopsis of William Swanton's Wills

When William Swanton died on June 15, 1929 at Seaview, Lislevane, Timoleague, County Cork, he had both an Irish will and an American will in force. His Irish will left his entire estate to Kate Bradfield, a spinster, and his housekeeper. I have learned that Kate was William Swanton's first cousin. William's American will divided his assets amongst his relatives in America.

The probate of these wills was lengthy, coming to trial in Ireland on January 14, 1932. From what I can ascertain from the numerous legal documents, the relationship between Kate Bradfield and the American heirs was ultimately amicable. The proposal for the disposition of William Swantons estate was for all his assets in Ireland to be given to Kate Bradfield, and for his American investments and assets to be divided among his American heirs. The suit contesting the two wills was spearheaded by Robert Swanton (my great-grandfather Robert's son, and my grand-uncle) and Leo Crowley (my first cousin twice removed). Unfortunately, Robert Swanton died at the age of 30 on September 5, 1931, before the estate was settled.

The estate was indeed settled based on the proposal that the Irish property be granted to Kate Bradfield and the American property divided amongst William's American heirs.

When I was in Ireland last year, I met a Bradfield family from Enniskeane who were connected to Kate. In fact, Tommy Bradfield remembered driving down to Lislevane when they had learned Kate had died. Kate left Seaview to Tommy's father, Richard Bradfield, who was her second cousin. However, this was contested, and the property eventually ended up going to the Hornibrooks, who were Kate's first cousins. Kate was buried in the Murragh Roman Catholic cemetary by Dennis O'Mahony, who is still the undertaker in Ballineen (as of 1999). It is believed that Kate was one of the last people to be buried in this cemetary.

In Lislevane, I also met Donal and Kathleen McCarthy. Donal remembered when William lived there, and he remembered Kate very well.