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William Anthony Swanton



Robert A. Swanton and Rosanna Agnes Hanlon


Engineer, NE Tel & Tel

Relationship to Ginni Swanton


Vital Information


Date of Birth

June 25, 1899


Boston, MA

Date of Baptism

Place of Baptism

Baptismal Sponsors

First Spouse

Marion Louise Cross

Date of First Marriage

February 17, 1921

Place of First Marriage

Boston, MA

Witnesses for First Marriage

Second Spouse

Marion Louise Connelly

Date of Second Marriage

Place of Second Marriage

Boston, MA

Witnesses for Second marriage

Social Security Application November 24, 1936

Date of Death

June 25, 1986

Cause of Death

Pneumonia, emphysema

Place of Death

Frank Wood Convalescent Home, Boston, MA

Cemetary/Burial Information

Cedar Grove Cemetary, Boston, MA



47 Standish Road, Milton, MA

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