The Swantons of County Cork, Ireland,
Boston, Massachusetts
and Brooklyn, New York

Ginni Louse Swanton

John Swanton
1767 - 1865

Townland of Cappeen West
Parish of Kinneigh
County Cork, Ireland

First Generation Tree

Although I haven't found conclusive proof of this, I'm fairly certain that my great-great-great grandfather was John Swanton, who was born in County Cork in 1767. In 1823, a John Swanton, according to the Tithe Applotment Records farmed 28 acres in the townland of Maulnarouga, which was a bit south of the town of Enniskeane.

In 1852, John Swanton was a farmer and he lived in the townland of Cappeen West in the parish of Kinneigh. He was probably a Catholic, as one of his children (Pat or Cate), was baptized a Catholic in 1817.

I donít know what his wifeís name was, but based on Irish Naming Traditions, her name may have been Johanna, Anne or Ellen.

John lived a very long life, especially for those days. According to his civil death record, he died a widower of old age at the age of 98 on May 18,1865 in Coppeen. His death was reported by his son, James Swanton, who also lived in Coppeen in 1885.

A Johanna Swanton who was born in 1771 died at the age of 97 in Coppeen on March 13, 1868. Swanton was her married name, as she was a farmerís widow when she died. She died of old age with no medical attendance. Johanna Swantonís death was reported by James Swanton of Coppeen, who was John Swantonís son.

It's quite possible that Johanna Swanton was the wife of one of John Swanton's brothers.

John Swanton and his wife probably had many children, but the only ones I know about are William, James, and Michael and Pat (or Cate), and possibly John. John was 45 years old when his first known child, William, was born.

There is a reference to a will of a William Swanton in 1750 in Aghill (Aghyohill), which was also in this area, so perhaps Johnís father was William. These are both definitely names that have appeared in my Swanton family for generations.

William Swanton was born in 1812 , James Swanton was born in 1813, and Michael Swanton was born in 1815. Pat (Cate) Swanton was born in 1817. Michael Swanton was my great great grandfather. There may also have been another brother named John Swanton, named after his father.

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